Follow -Up on Harrington Elementary Student Situation

Written by John Face

January 30, 2022

Scott Brown who was appointed to the Marshall Public Board of Education Monday January 24 has resigned. This in the aftermath of a picture that was released to the public where he stood beside an individual who was holding a “Fuck the police” sign. Brown was smiling and giving the peace sign. Browns’ wife Joedy has been accused of accosting a Harrington Elementary school student Thursday where she grabbed a child by the arm, lifted them and carried the child aggressively according to witnesses.

City Watch reached out to Interim Superintendent Becky Jones seeking answers to five questions:

Was the child’s parents contacted? Was the police contacted? Was the teacher threatened at all? Why was Brown allowed in the school?  Was it because she was demanding because her husband is on the school board?

Ms. Jones replied to City Watch Saturday stating that at this time she could not comment as there is “an open investigation”. She went on to say, “I will let you know when I have information for you”.

City Watch will be following up with more to this story when appropriate.

Link to original story:

Email: for leaving tips or questions

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