Recall Language for Richard Lindsey Submitted

Written by John Face

January 30, 2022

Dave Atchison has reworked recall language for Marshall School Board President Richard Lindsey. The original recall language was not allowed. Here is the new recall language that was submitted January 26, 2022.

Richard Lyndsey’s activities as an attorney raised questions of conflict with his school system duties & responsibilities.  Some voters believe he violated MPS policy #1130 CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST. He simultaneously served as School Board President & as attorney representing Albion College.  He presided over board meetings & activities associated with a $45.5-million-dollar school bond proposal which included provisions for construction of a new elementary school in Albion, while concurrently participating in activities associated with his client’s unsolicited proposal to MPS for establishing a new elementary school adjacent to their campus.  Questions were raised by the public, social media bloggers, and in local newspapers about the appearance of impropriety & apparent conflict between his legal representation of Albion College & his duties & responsibilities as president of the school board. The legal firm of Hewson & Van Hellmont sent a legal opinion to the school board concluding a conflict-of-interest under MCL 380.1203(1) exists.  Fifty community members in the Marshall School District signed a petition requesting he recuse himself from voting on board decisions which affect the location of a new school in Albion.  Mr. Lyndsey continued to represent Albion College.

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