Student at Harrington School Accosted by Volunteer Wife of School Board Member

Written by John Face

Photo Credit Albion Michigan NEWS

January 27, 2022

As Scott Brown was being appointed to fill one of two vacancies on the Marshall Public School board an old picture resurfaced. Brown, on the left in the picture below taken two years ago during a protest making the peace sign has always maintained that he was the unfortunate victim in this photo. He claimed then he had no idea the sign said Fuck the Police though witnesses had placed him beside the sign holder for a long period of time. He would say that this picture was used to try and discredit his wife who was involved in the local Mayoral race, he said then that his opponents used the photo for their benefit. Browns appointment to the school board has become a hot topic for some in the community questioning the School Boards thinking.

His wife Joedy Brown would go on to finish 2nd in a three-way mayor race by less than 20 votes to current Mayor Victoria Garcia-Snyder and then Mayor Dave Atchison who would finish third in the race.

Yesterday Joedy Brown went on social media making many claims regarding Harrington elementary located in Albion. She stated she had volunteered at Harrington and made wild claims about staff and students and at one point that she was asked to leave the school. What her claims failed to state was why she was asked to leave.

City Watch News has been told that she had stopped to volunteer at the school for reading making sure that staff knew her husband was a school board member. She would be sent to a class but after a short time she was told she was not needed and instructed to go to office for another class assignment. According to witnesses instead of going to the office she chose to go to another class without permission.

Once in the room she told staff why she was there. City Watch can’t confirm much of exactly what happened other than at some point Joedy Brown got into a situation where she grabbed a child by the arm, lifted them and carried the child aggressively. Again, she was in the room without permission and apparently was asked to leave. The teacher would eventually go get administrative staff who would remove her from the school.

It is forbidden for staff or volunteers to touch students in any way. According to sources the student was not a threat to Brown when she accosted the child. City Watch is being very careful not to reveal information that could identify the student or staff members. There will be follow-up interviews in the coming days.

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