Letter to the Editor from Andrew Arndts

There have been a few notable letters to the editor over the issue of the sad and pathetically pitiful action of a “learned” man.Only one was written by another student, Albion’s Mayor Victoria Snyder. I am a Student of Mrs. Hazel Lias
So here we have Albion College, from an archived catalog from the college’s website; ” An independent, coeducational, residential college founded more than 175 years ago, Albion is committed to the liberal arts tradition. Historically related to the United Methodist Church, the College is dedicated to preserving the values of the past…” I’m going to stop right there because it seems that Misogyny, Chauvinism, and Racism are values of the past.  No, these are not anything to value. They are cancerous tumors that must be eradicated from human society.

Nevertheless, his attack upon Mrs. Lias was an Attack upon Albion itself.  Equal to as if he urinated upon the “American Molder” statue.  There is no level of apology worthy to correct this wrong. I can only see more and more disgusting actions that will never be answered for. IF this is the image that Albion College wants, then they should expect lower enrollment as years progress.  Lets face it, as online education get more and more mainstream Colleges and Universities will be a few buildings and lecture halls will become studio’s…. Pardon, I digress

With that as to echo all that have put it President Dr. Matthew Johnson needs to pack his trash and leave to return to the rock he crawled out from under.

Andrew Arndts
Spc4. US Army Ordnance Corp.
Persian Gulf War Era Vet(ETS)

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