Albion College President Mathew Johnson Out – Resigns

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Written by John Face

December 24, 2021

City Watch NEWS Albion

After meetings of the Albion College Board of Trustees over this past week City Watch NEWS has learned that Mathew Johnson is no longer employed by the college and has resigned. He began his job July 1, 2020, Board of Trustees member Joe Calvaruso will be the interim President.

Dr. Mathew B. Johnson
Photo of Mathew Johnson from Albion College website

This all happens in the wake of a confrontation that Johnson had with Hazel Lias a local Albion elder on Tuesday December 14 which was unprovoked and has caused a fire storm of criticism for Johnson and demands that he be terminated or resign. 

Lias held a press conference last Friday to “set the record straight” after a leaked email from the college basically played down the entire event. Johnson faces potential prosecution for assault over this entire situation as well. Lias has not yet filed a complaint but says she has not ruled it out. Other civil liability ramifications in this case exist for both the college and Johnson.

Stay tuned for more details

Follow this link to letters from Board President and Interim College President

Update on Johnson Resignation

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