Mat Johnson – Still Nothing Publicly from College

Written by John Face


December 21, 2021

A week ago today, Mat Johnson, President of Albion College verbally assaulted Hazel Lias inside Kresge gym on the college campus. One week later all we have is rumors and pissed off Albion residents and college professors and staff who have decided enough is enough and have made a public stand.

What we can say is that Mat Johnson still works for the school and that Board of Trustees President Mike Harrington apparently doesn’t appear to have the stones to fire him. Maybe Harrington is thinking this will all go away if he does nothing, maybe we will all forget our black matriarch, our beloved Hazel was made afraid by this person.

This will not go away despite Johnsons attempt to influence the public using back door tactics of his sycophants who are trolling the internet and local neighborhoods. The sad thing is those who have been so vocal for Mat Johnson in the past are dead silent now OR on full bore offense trying to discredit others and God forbid Hazel Lias.

Let us remember Johnson came at Lias aggressively pointing his finger raising his voice looking down on her as if she was beneath him, like she should bow to him. Don’t forget that. This was not the first time he did this to her according to Lias in her press conference this past Friday, though she would not elaborate on what happened.

So here we are. Mike Harrington appears to be afraid or is looking to create a public excuse because he fears Mat Johnson. Could it be that there are issues with Johnson’s history before Albion that he knew about and forced the hiring of Johnson anyway? Academic issues? Other situations with women that would earn a demotion in prior jobs? Questions only Harrington can answer. Maybe Harrington needs to step down along with other key executive officers of the Board of Trustees since that despite what they know they still want to hang on to ole Mat.

Mat Johnson needs to be unemployed and key top positions of the College Board of Trustees need to step down as well. There is no leadership at Albion College. For the love of higher education let’s stop this madness.


For heaven’s sake not even a press release. Cowards.

Time for a loud and raucous protest so they know we Albion people are not going to stand by and let them get away with hurting Hazel Lias.

Thank you

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