BREAKING – Albion College Administration Admits There is a Michigan Attorney General Inquiry

Written by John Face

Photo by John Face

November 24, 2022

City Watch can now report that according to multiple sources, Albion College administration has finally admitted to their staff the Michigan Attorney General’s (AG) office is involved in looking into things at the school and that they are at this time cooperating.  City Watch reported Thursday November 10, (click here to read original story) of the ongoing investigation and that most of the Board of Trustees were unaware of the investigation at that time. The Board met on Tuesday November 15 for a special meeting. Those close to the school said that it was, to their knowledge, an unplanned meeting and most likely called to address City Watch reporting.

The AG office stated (click here to see story of AG response) in a reply to City Watch asking, “if an investigation is underway involving the college”, the AG said that no investigation was underway of the college.  City Watch did not ask if such an investigation was an “inquiry” or is one that would include current and former employees though.  Legal sources feel that is most likely the reason for the AG denial. Either way there is a probe of college finances by the AG office. 

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