Michigan Attorney General Probe Underway – Albion College Finances Questioned

Written by John Face

November 10, 2022

City Watch NEWS has learned that a third audit of Albion College finances is currently underway and may point to illegal financial “shifting of money” by the college. City Watch NEWS found out in the spring of 2022 that an audit was underway. When sources were questioned, it was told to us the audit is normal for colleges and universities that underwent senior staff and leadership change. Mat Johnson, the President of the college, was relieved of his duties on Christmas eve of 2021. The understanding at the time was that Johnson would return once “things cooled down” on campus and in the city (Albion).

The audit was a detailed one and sources said that unless anything ‘big” was found that there would be no more audits. When asked by City Watch what would it take for the auditors to return? “Only if something was missing” according to the source. In the summer of this year City Watch confirmed in fact a second audit was underway at the college by the same firm as the first, and “they were looking for misplaced money” according to sources. Sources state that funds that were earmarked for specific projects of an alumnus were shifted to other unauthorized projects during the Johnson administration.

City Watch learned from sources that a third audit was started today and exactly who the auditors were or what organization they are from is unknown. One source felt they were another auditing firm but a second said they were afraid it was “someone from the Michigan Attorney General office”.

City Watch has heard from several sources that an ongoing investigation by the Michigan Attorney General is underway that involves looking at finances of the college.

City Watch has reached out to several staff members of the college, and many have expressed a desire that the State Attorney General get involved. One staffer said, “How can any of us trust the administration?” “I think it’s time for an outside look, it smells of cover-up”

City Watch has reached out to the Attorney General’s office in Lansing and is awaiting a reply.

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