Update – Albion College Comes up Short – Staff Pay Delayed a Few hours

See bottom of article with email explanation

Photo by John face

Written by John Face

March 31, 2022

City Watch NEWS has received an email distributed to Albion College staff this morning stating that their direct deposits that should have been in place this morning have been delayed. The email that was sent at 8:31 A.M. this morning stated:

“Good Morning Campus:

As many of you have noticed already, the payment for today’s monthly/salaried and student paychecks have not been deposited. We understand what an incredibly frustrating situation this puts our employees in and we are actively working on a resolution. You can expect your direct deposit by the end of the business day today.  Our apologies for any inconvenience and stress this may have caused”. 

City Watch has been in contact with staff to verify if this email and found that it appears to be true. The email was sent by Catherine Lessnau the Associate Director of Human Resources. City Watch has reached out to Ms. Lessnau for a quote and is still waiting for a reply.

The college has been having financial issues for quite some time as City Watch reported in the story LINK TO STORY that shows the long-term issues with spending.

City Watch will follow up on this breaking story as it needs later today.

From: Catherine Lessnau <clessnau@albion.edu>

Date: Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 3:55 PM
Subject: UPDATE | Monthly and Student Payroll for Today 3/31/2022

Good afternoon, 
As most of you are aware, unfortunately, a step was missed in the payroll process. We acknowledge and apologize for the stress this has caused today. The College has remedied the situation and has changed our internal protocols to ensure this does not happen again. 
Most, if not all, employees scheduled to be paid today (monthly/salaried and student employees) should see their paycheck deposited into their account(s) by the end of the day.
Please check your bank account(s) at this time. While all deposits should be received today, depending on your bank this could occur as late as this evening. If you do not see your funds today, please email hr@albion.edu so we can begin researching and rectifying your situation. 
Bi-Weekly Checks Scheduled for Friday, April 1We have reviewed the bi-weekly process and do not expect any issues with the deposits tomorrow morning. Please email hr@albion.edu if you have any questions.
Thank you to the collaborative, quick actions of many who helped ensure employees received their paychecks on the scheduled payday.

All the best,
Catherine Lessnau (she/her/hers)Associate DirectorHuman ResourcesAlbion CollegeCampus Location: Ferguson 225Ph:    (517) 629-0205Fax:  (517) 629-0661Web: www.albion.eduGreen Dot Supporter

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