Nora Jackson Bending Facts – Again


Written by John Face

March 26, 2022

In the March 24, 2022, issue of The Recorder Nora Jackson the 3rd precinct member of council in Albion is allowed to submit a letter to the editor. This letter is filled with so much information, some of it worthless, I almost thought I was reading a letter from Garrett Brown. As I read her letter, I was struck on how she forgets the truth and instead states things that make her look good. So let me set her record straight.

In her third paragraph she is telling the reader about her program stating, “during the last year collaborated with the YMCA’s program in Albion to use the Washington Garner School (not my misspelled word) to work with kids”. In fact, last year on September 29, 2021, Jackson sent an email to Jill Hinde CEO of the Battle Creek YMCA and cc Mat Johnson the college President at the time.

This email to Hinde came out of the blue and it appears after an interview this writer had with Mat Johnson in August of 2021. During this interview he stated that he had nothing to do with Jackson getting to use Washington Gardner for her program free of charge and that it was the YMCA who controlled her space. Here are the emails that I speak of:

From: Nora Jackson
Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 4:26 PM
To: Jill Hinde 
Cc: Mathew Johnson
Subject: YMCA- Difference Makers


We Difference Makers would like to know if we could continue our program in the space we used during the summer months?  I have many childrens and families wanting to know when we can start back up again!  I would like to begin in November if possible?  I would like to be able to hold a couple of meetings next month to talk with parents as well.  Can you please let me know if this is possible?


Nora Jackson

Difference Makers

From: Jill Hinde
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2021 11:15 AM
To: Nora Jackson
Cc: Mathew Johnson

Subject: RE: YMCA- Difference Makers

Nora—my approval is not necessary or required. The Y does not own the space at Washington Gardner and we have no authority to approve or deny a request for its use. The use of that space is a decision made between you and the College. Happy that hear that Difference Makers may be starting up again—I know it is a very successful program. Take care, Jill

Jill Kingsley Hinde

Chief Executive Officer


182 Capital Avenue N.E., Battle Creek, MI 49017

So as this email exchange shows there is no collaboration as she tries to imply with the YMCA. I shared this article last follow this link

Next on our list of interesting statements she makes is she claims to have done due diligence in preparing the information for her proposal to get city tax money for her non-profit. Which of course she should always do normally if in fact you do. Well after a long and blame filled tirade, I get blamed for her retracting her proposal. Of course, she says she did her homework and there was nothing wrong with what she was trying to do, right? If all your ducks are in a row, why chicken out and pull the proposal?

Another question directly related to this was an item that was placed on the agenda of the last meeting on March 21. Jackson asked this to be placed on the agenda: APPROVE PUBLIC RELEASE OF CITY ATTORNEY LEGAL OPINION REGARDING COUNCIL MEMBERS CONDUCTING BUSINESS WITH THE CITY. But guess what? Jackson and the other members voted this down, Mayor Snyder voted yes to release this. Maybe because the information was going to make her look bad? Maybe. We will not know as that is confidential information for some reason that residents can’t hear. Residents deserve to know if the City Attorney thinks she is breaking the law.

Now in the last paragraph Jackson claims that her proposal was in the starting phase. Not true and the fact is I have the emails that show if Haley Snyder had approved it, her proposal would be on the agenda at the next meeting. No, she had every intention for this to be on the agenda sooner than later. that is why I reported on her actions.

I do appreciate that my name is used so frequently in her letter. What’s the old saying? Living rent free in their brain. Yep, that’s it.

OK sorry, this writer had nothing to do with her or any other members of council recalls. Why is it so hard for them to believe that there are many people who are done with her and all the recall targets, and the shady antics they have been involved in. Jill Hinde, Shane Williamson or Haley Snyder had nothing to do with me getting public records and her emails.

Her entire letter is worth a read. Okay maybe not but go spend the money and buy a copy of the Recorder because there are some great stories worth reading.

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