Similarities Arise with Former Albion College President Mat Johnson and Previous Job

Written by John Face

City Watch NEWS

January 2, 2022

Mat Johnsons new job as he steps away from the presidency at Albion College is eerily similar to one he had when he suddenly stepped down at Brown University. The Brown Daily Herald, a daily campus newspaper (follow link below to article) reported on March 11, 2020, that Johnson, associate dean of the College for engaged scholarship and director of the Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Classification, stepped down from his position as executive director of the Swearer Center March 1. Apparently, he took a newly created position with the Carnegie Foundation. “He would assume a new position as a senior fellow to focus on the expansion of the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification,” said the Herald.

Mat Johnson

City Watch has spoken to four Academics from around the country with no link to Albion College or Brown University and all said this was essentially a demotion. All these Academics spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal at their current Universities.

As he leaves Albion Johnson will now serve as president of the Commission for Public Purpose in Higher Education in partnership with the Carnegie Foundation. The Commission is responsible for the stewardship and continuous development of the basic and elective classification systems of higher education institutions.

The change of jobs at Brown begs a question that Albion College Board of Trustee President Mike Harrington needs to address. One being why did Albion College hire a man who appeared to be recently demoted? City Watch has learned that this information was available to Harrington and others doing the national search that brought Johnson to Albion.

City Watch will update this story as needed.

Link to the Brown Daily Herald article:

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