Albion-Homer United Way’s recent grant to the Albion Health Care Alliance Health and Safety Expo shows AHUW’s commitment to healthy communities. The annual Expo will be held June 24 from noon to 2 pm at Stoffer Plaza in Albion at the Farmer’s Market area.

The AHCA partners with local organizations to provide helpful health information and supplies to area families, emphasizing children’s health. Booths, displays, and free health information along with vaccine clinics and other health testing that particularly benefits families in and around Albion and Homer. In addition to the Albion-Homer United Way, Oaklawn Hospital and other local agencies are sponsoring this Saturday afternoon event.

The 2023 Health & Safety Expo is expected to have even more participation than last year’s event. The Expo on June 24 from noon to 2 pm will be in Stoffer Plaza in Albion behind downtown and near the Grace Health building. The Albion-Homer United Way grant money will be used to promote the health and safety of area residents through this Expo event.

Albion-Homer United Way’s commitment is to help fund non-profit programs through grants. On-going donations throughout the year are needed to support these efforts. According to AHUW Executive Director Marcia Starkey, there are several good reasons to donate to the local United Way. Donor lists will not be shared with other agencies, and payroll deductions make donating easier. Donations can be mailed to AHUW P.O. Box 55, Albion, MI 49224, online at or by contacting Starkey at 517-499-2563.

AHUW board members are Carolyn Amos, Donisha Brewer, Chris Burdette, Art Kale, Michael Leskowich, Isabell Nazar, Eddie Williams, and Shane Williamson.

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