Graduation Day at Albion – We Say See you Later not Goodbye

Written by John Face

Photos by John Face

April 29, 2023

As Albion College gets ready to send another group of students out into the world, it’s time we take a moment to think about them. Graduation day is a moment these students will hold close to their hearts as they move on from our little slice of the world in Albion. Graduation day is also unique to those of us who live in Albion.

Over the years, many of us in Albion, myself included, have engaged with students and, in many cases, made lifelong friends. In my younger years, it was customary to be on campus hanging out with students having fun, enjoying life, and creating memories we treasure forever.

I’ve fractured a few college rules on campus with students I befriended. So when I see another group getting ready to take a walk toward graduation, I think of Karen, Deb, and Dave. At this moment, I have a big smile remembering those times.

I hope our students who graduate today know that we, your Albion Family, are proud of each of you and what your walk today means. I no longer have close relationships with students, though I know a couple graduating today. I ask graduates to remember a few things.

First, remember the friends that you made here on campus. You all shared something that no other group can claim because you are the class of 2023; no other alum can say that. Your shared bond and experiences belong to you.

Second, remember the men and women who gave their hearts and souls to teach you all. I know many of them; whether you are aware or not, they genuinely love and care for you. I have

spoken to many in the last few weeks, and they are excited for you. Take their knowledge with you; you can’t go wrong with that.

Third, remember us here in Albion. Remember your friendships with us, the smiles we brought you, and the kindness you received. It’s funny how so many alums who return to Albion have fond memories of the school, this little town, and its people. Albion has been lucky that many of these same alumni have given back to their school and the little town that was so important in their lives while they were here. Remember, you may live in far-off distant places; you will always be an Albionite.

So, as you grab that diploma today, go out there and conquer the world. Take your education to the next level and excel like we all know you can. Start that career by remembering to do right and succeed. The world is yours, be the best whatever you want to be. Like your speaker today, Josh Cassada, shoot for the stars if you wish.

So we won’t say goodbye but see you later. Remember, you are welcome back home in Albion when you need some sanity.

Congratulations, Class of 2023.

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