Albion College – Attorney General Probe is “Pending”

Written by John Face
April 14, 2023

As the current leadership at Albion College tells staff that the Attorney General’s (AG) investigation is over and “nothing was wrong,” City Watch can report that it isn’t necessarily true. We reached out to the AG for Comment on a pending story we have and received a reply from them that leads us to believe that the investigation is, in fact, not over.

We sent an email, shown here edited, requesting a reply:

To: Brien Winfield Heckman
Assistant Attorney General


I am John Face of City Watch NEWS in Albion, Michigan. I have researched an article regarding Albion College over the last few months. I have received copies of hundreds of emails via FOIA for my research and wanted to contact you as I am now nearing the conclusion of my work—————-

————————I would appreciate your on-the-record response stating that you can’t comment on your investigation, at minimum.

If you have any questions, please email or call me. My phone number is listed below.


John Face

City Watch received this reply today:

Good afternoon John,

I am the Press Secretary at the Department of the Attorney General. I understand you recently reached out to Brien Heckman for comment regarding your coverage.

I have seen your request and I would decline to comment on a pending matter.

Thank you,
Danny Wimmer
Press Secretary

As you have already read, we will release our article about this investigation in the coming weeks. A pending matter appears not to be a closed investigation. City Watch is attempting to get further clarification. As always, if you have information about this or any other topic, feel free to send us a confidential email at:

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