Happy 5th Anniversary City Watch NEWS

Written by John Face

November 2, 2022

Five years ago today, City Watch NEWS was launched by this author. I originally started to report on the sudden resignation of then Albion City Manager Sheryl Mitchell Theriot. Theriot would end up rescinding her resignation and staying after citizens stood up at a council meeting demanding council refuse to accept her resignation. It was a time of turmoil in Albion which motivated me to start looking into what was happening in Albion and boy did I have an eye opening.

Unfortunately, Theriot would eventually leave Albion for work on the east side of the state. Those who were causing her trouble were then Mayor Garrett Brown and the city council. The council would then go forward and hire eventual felon that stole money from the city and Brown would be voted out by a landslide as Albion voters rejected his treatment of Theriot and others in Albion.

City watch moved forward reporting as best we could on events and other stories here in Albion. We were blessed to have many supporters who were constantly giving encouraging words and sometimes a “pat on the back” when needed. Now understand we have our critics. Some of those went so far as to make death threats if we kept reporting on specific topics. Well, we are still here reporting.

So we take pride celebrating our 5th aniversary. We are still here, still reporting what the others won’t.

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