College Trustees to Calvaruso – Sell – We Need Cash

Written by John Face

August 17, 2022

Interim Albion College President Joe Calvaruso and Chief Financial Officer Gary Black have been instructed to sell.

Interim Albion College President Joe Calvaruso

The college Trustees Executive Committee has told them to start selling all the properties purchased under former Albion College President Mat Johnson to help raise funds for the cash strapped school. Johnson resigned last December after his very public altercation with an elderly Albion woman and icon.

Former College President Mat Johnson

Readers should remember that Johnson with the help of Attorney Richard Lindsey Jr., who at the time was the local school board President, were buying property throughout the city. These land purchases caused great concern for residents due to the fact that Marshall Public Schools was trying to pass a school bond in which some of that money would build a desperately needed Elementary School in Albion

Many claims from the public that Lindsey’s involvement with the college as a paid consultant was illegal along with what at the time was Johnsons attempt to force his plan of building the elementary school on some of this purchased college land was a major reason the Bond issue was soundly defeated.

Richard Lindsey former School Board President and lawyer

The college Trustees have also officially put on hold any work that was planned for the Washington Gardner High School. This means the three million already spent on the steam tunnel that ripped up streets, and that was only partially complete for the Gardner project was all for nothing.

City Watch has learned though from sources that during the construction phase of the steam tunnels the college discovered their physical plant was too small to supply steam to the new building anyway, according to sources that was another reason the college had to stop the project. City Watch has attempted several times to get any comment on this, but Calvaruso has not given any response to City Watch.

College executives have been told moving forward that these actions are needed for cash flow as the college must stop raiding endowment funds.

City Watch will update this story as needed.

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