Pee Wee T-Ball Park Dedication a Huge Success

Written by John Face

Photos by John Face

June 25, 2022

More than one hundred locals met this morning to officially dedicate the T-Ball Park along with a statue and plaque. The ceremony was to recognize the late Jerry Sacharski a long time Albion teacher, coach and inventor of the game of t-ball. This event was attended by Sacharski’s three sons who all spoke during the event. Mike, Will and Dave were touched at the outpouring of respect given to their late father.

Attendees wait for the start of the ceremony.

Speakers shared stories of their time playing T- Ball or Pee Wee baseball as it is known in Albion. The plaque which is pictured in the photo below tells the story best.

Plaque honoring Pee Wee baseball and Jerry Sacharski
The Sacharski brothers Left to right: Mike, Will and Dave
Pee Wee ball player Mitch Lutzke acted as moderator

Event organizer Linda Kolmodin, stressed to this writer to make mention of Janet Domingo’s work as co chair. “It is because of Janets hard work that this all came together. Without her we may not be here”‘ she said.

Janet Domingo speaks
Pee Wee ball player John Sims shares his stories
Waverly Short Pee Wee baseball player talks

Left, Linda Kolmodin with Janet Domingo right
Short and Sims unveil plaque

The statues unveiling was well received by the crowd and the Sacharskis.

The furure of Pee Wee, or T-Ball in Albion had their chance to pose with the statue.

Current T-Ball players in Albion. Some day they will appreciate what was started here in Albion 67 years ago today.

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