LaNoue, Jackson, Lawler to Try and Remove Shane Williamson from Albion Council

Written by John Face


March 13, 2022

Most likely after realizing that Shane Williamson can’t be removed immediately from office as she thought he could with their redistricting game until December, council member Linda LaNoue submitted along with the backing of Nora Jackson and Marcola Lawler a request for a public hearing of the council. The purpose is simply put to get rid of Shane Williamson now thus keeping him from voting.

I have put the “charges” that LaNoue submitted at the end of this article. Warning, don’t be drinking or eating as you may spit it out laughing at her game.

On Monday March 21 in the council chambers these three along with their two other partners will attack him and try to censure AND they will also vote to remove him from his precinct with gerrymandering. I recommend that you, the public, start calling and emailing all of these members of council and let them know there are consequences for their actions and games they are playing.

Here are the listed phone numbers and City emails of the council members as found on the City of Albion website. Feel free calling them or email AND make sure you plan on attending the meeting March 21st, they are hoping you are apathetic and stay home. Time to speak up and tell them during the meeting that enough is enough. Please let City Watch know if they take your call or return the email.

Precinct 1- Donivan Williams

2021 – 2022
(734) 236-9058

Lenn Reid

Precinct 2-Lenn Reid
2018 – 2022

Nora Jackson

Precinct 3-Nora Jackson

2020 – 2024

Marcola Lawler

Precinct 4-Marcola Lawler

2020 – 2024

Linda LaNoue

Precinct 5-Linda LaNoue
2020 – 2024

Friday, March 10, 2022

Submitted by L. LaNoue, 5th Precinct City Councilmember

With the support of Mayor Pro-Tem N. Jackson (3rdPrecinct) and Councilmember M. Lawler (4th Precinct), as required by the City charter.

This document serves to provide ten (10) days’ notice to all Albion, MI city council members that a public hearing is being called for Monday, March 21st, during the regularly scheduled city council meeting. The following is a written summary of the facts giving rise to the alleged violations of City Council member Shane Williamson that warrant the public hearing.

 Abuse of power and Not Acting in the Public’s Interest

o On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, Councilmember Williamson verbally abused and acted aggressively against his fellow councilmember, after a city council study session in the council chambers.

o His aggression that evening (3/1/22) was witnessed by residents of the community who were concerned about the well-being of the verbally abused councilmember.

o Threatening and disrespectful behavior is part of a pattern that Councilmember Williamson has used to wield abusive power.

 Use of a personal, electronic device during official city council proceedings. He has continued to use his cell phone for private, electronic discourse during city

o Background: In September 2021, Councilmember Williamson was asked and agreed to discontinue use of his personal cell phone during city council meetings, study sessions, and MML coaching sessions.

o When asked during the Monday, March 7, 2022 special meeting to put his phone away while in the act of SMS texting, Councilmember Williamson lied about the use of his device. Found during minute 27:00 on YouTube recording.

o Use of an electronic device and private discourse during city council proceedings are both violations of the City of Albion’s Rules of Procedures for city council members.

o This is also a violation of the Open Meetings Act as there is documentation of egregious messages being sent by Councilmember Williamson to fellow council members during city council meetings.

The recommended imposed sanction for this behavior is a verbal reprimand and censure.

The primary goal for this public hearing is to publicly document the continued wrongdoing of Councilmember Williamson against his fellow councilmembers.

2 thoughts on “LaNoue, Jackson, Lawler to Try and Remove Shane Williamson from Albion Council

Add yours

  1. I have lived in albion all my life, worked for schools and the actions jackson, Reid, lanoue, lawler are so not professional they need to be removed from office as they are not for there precinct and forgot who put them in office they have not went door to door with petitions they just expect the town to go along with what they want. NO NO. Shane is all for the people n is very well informed on the laws n by laws. The people
    Put you there we will take you 4 out of office. The tax payers are not happy spending money on training only for you all not to follow any of it, you need to repay money to city.


  2. If I Iived back in Albion I would be ashamed of you all. Do your jobs the public elected you to do and leave the DRAMA at home. Albion needs you.


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