Council Members Reid and Lawler Submit Suspicious last second Agenda Item for Redistricting

Written by John Face

March 7, 2022

As in the past Albion City Council members Lenn Reid and Marcola Lawler have submitted a last-minute addition to the council meeting agenda. They have submitted their version for the redistricting of voting precincts in Albion. They have every right to do so but there is a process that normally happens in Albion.

Changing voter precincts is done every 10 years after the Census. In Albion everyone agrees there needs to be change as Precinct 6 has fewer residents than other precincts, the precinct is currently represented by Shane Williamson. There is a process involved in Albion takes into account several factors most of all is getting an equal number of residents in each of the 6 precincts.

Other factors have always been to account for current council members in each precinct. As a rule, the changes are minor enough that members rarely get placed out of their current precincts. Since precinct 6 is expanding there is no logical reason to make drastic changes other than to increase size.

The City Manager, City Attorney and Clerks office work on proposed changes based on the law, census and the above factors. They completed their request for change and now Reid and Lawler miraculously come up with a new map they want to be put in place instead of an intelligent no politics involved map submitted by Snyder. Now City Watch has been told that former Mayor Garrett Brown has a map that he had drawn up and that has yet to be submitted.

This is called gerrymandering when politicians try to change districts to punish others, and this should concern citizens of precinct 6 and the entire city. There is no secret when people say Williamson has been a voice of reason on the council along with Mayor Snyder the last year and a half. It appears that council is going to try and stick it to Williamson. Time to show up and stick it to them folks. Meeting happens at 6:00 P.M. at City Hall.

2 thoughts on “Council Members Reid and Lawler Submit Suspicious last second Agenda Item for Redistricting

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  1. At this point in the game of shenanigans and corruption I feel that some sort of investigation needs to start at the top in ALL departments throughout the city. People get “let go” or “encouraged to resign” for whatever reason to avoid investigation or law suits and corruption continues. City council wants to hand pick who fills seats so what they can make the city Brown’s private “empire” that he controls ???


  2. Thank you for diligently continuing to report on the corruption and malfeasance of our elected and appointed public servants. I hope that future public servants will understand the sacred trust that is placed with them, and not see public trust as a way to line their own pockets. The lack of integrity of the former, recalled mayor, Garrett Brown, Sonya Brown, LaTonya (fired and arrested embezzler “city manager”) Rufus, and now Nora Jackson and LaNue are all bad actors in a struggling town.
    The rapidly declining population of Albion can be traced, in large part, to these bad actors and others of their ilk, who see public service as a money grab and a chance for fame (but turns into infamy instead) rather than the sacrifice it truly is meant to be.


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