Recalls Moving Ahead

Written by John Face

February 15, 2022

With Richard Lindsey’s recall language approved by a 3-0 vote for his seat on the Marshall Public School Board, he along with Shawna Gamble and Matt Davis are appealing their recalls. This is their right to do but there appears to be no real path for them as the claims in all three recalls is simple and true. Fortunately, they all are represented by Lindsey’s law firm out of Jackson according to sources.

What we have are three members of the School Board who should know they have done wrong but are willing to piss away voters’ money in order to save their reputations. Lindsey who has aspirations of running for state office from what he has told this writer can’t afford an ugly recall that may unseat him. Any opponent would quickly use it as a point out why he should not serve in higher office. I know I would. Maybe it’s time all three took the high road and resigned to save our district from more conflict.

Soon according to organizers of a recall group they will work to get the signatures needed and let the voters decide. Democracy in action.

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