Albion College Board Owes Hazel Lias, Community an Explanation and Apology

Written by John Face


City Watch NEWS


January 11,2022

As the Albion College Board of Trustees decided to accept the resignation of former President Mat Johnson it appears one thing wasn’t going to happen, and that was an apology given to Hazel Lias for the assault she endured at the hands of the former President on their property. One can’t help but look at what happened in the days prior to and following the resignation. Board President Mike Harrington explaining what a great job Johnson did all while talking about the new role Johnson would be undertaking. This was basically the Board, flipping the bird to Hazel and Albion. They may as well come out and say screw you Albion, screw you Hazel we don’t care about you.

City Watch NEWS will be looking into why we are where we are with our relationship with Albion College over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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