Letter to the Editor from Cliff Harris

Brits, Colleagues, Albionites

I condemn Mathew Johnson and his most recent disrespect of Mrs. Hazel Lias. His true character is now revealed in public. He took advantage of the pandemic to grow his power like a cancer in my beloved Albion College and my adopted hometown: the City of Albion. For too long his Office and the power it brings shielded him from the consequences of his actions. He is a manipulative, abusive man, using our highest ideals to divide and control us, while destroying people he claims to defend. He speaks impressively, and writes volumes, but his organizations and their employees struggle to keep up with his daily change in direction. Any objection to the constant chaos is met with legal threats and psychological abuse, or dismissal with a gag order. He cares only for the appearance of progress and has no idea how to actually lead people – only intimidate them. The scene with Mrs. Lias has been repeated many times with many others behind closed doors.

This is no secret. He has systematically destroyed the progress made in town-gown relationships before he arrived. He opposes those who love Albion and are ready to grow our town into the future. He chases millions of dollars away because he won’t get credit for them. His skill at deception and organizational manipulation joined with his ruthless misuse of power have kept the truth from the public eye until now. Dozens know this and dare not speak for fear of his personal and professional retaliation. Many of us worked behind the scenes in this fight, persuaded that we must protect our institutions from his attacks, but now it’s time to declare a public position. Johnson is a disgrace to the office of the President of Albion College. A wave of progress is on hold until he leaves. He must be dismissed immediately.

Clifford E. Harris,

Professor Albion College

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