School Threat in Albion – More Than What We Were Told

Written by John Face

City Watch NEWS

December 4, 2021

In a letter from Marshall Public Schools Interim-Superintendent Becky Jones, which is located at the bottom of this article, she explains a situation that occurred at the Marshall Opportunity High School (MOHS) located in Albion Michigan on Thursday December 2. This situation is serious in light of multiple threats from around the state since the November 30 shooting rampage at Oxford High School by a student that killed four other students.

In her letter to parents she stated, “The incident remains under investigation, however, there is no current threat to the building”. According to sources the Superintendent based this comment on what she knew on Thursday, and this was a correct statement.

What Happened

Thursday a student allegedly threatened to kill a teacher and shoot up the school near the end of the day. Staff at MOHS did exactly what they should have and isolated the student and called the Albion Department of Public Safety. (ADPS) At some point the students’ mother was contacted as well.

Upon investigation it was decided that the student needed a mental health evaluation and that in fact threats were made. The student refused any help and was placed in handcuffs and taken to Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall by police according to sources, for an evaluation.

What MOHS Knew

As far as any staff at the MOHS knew the situation was being handled as a criminal and mental health case. Come Friday the school was contacted that in fact the student had been released the evening before from Oaklawn and not to law enforcement officers for potential criminal charges. According to several sources at this point ADPS along with Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputies were patrolling the school and area.


Staff at MOHS was in a heightened state of readiness during the day. Normal routines were changed according to students. Sources stated that several parents either did not send their child to school Friday or came and picked them up. What has not happened is the Superintendent did not send a follow-up letter to parents regarding the situation. “An email to me would have been nice, imagine how upset I was when my child got home and told me what happened Friday” said one parent.

We do know on Friday the student involved eventually would arrive at the school on the east end putting the school in lockdown and police were quick to respond and with weapons drawn according to witnesses, the student was taken into custody. According to several sources students were shaken yet school would continue.

Further Information is Being Sought

City Watch is working aggressively talking with parents, students and others to find out all the details. We will be getting copies of police reports to see why the student involved in this was not held by law enforcement on Thursday after evaluation. We will be reaching out to the Superintendents’ office Monday for further answers on why parents were left in the dark.

Any parent or student who wishes to speak with City Watch off the Record may contact us at

Superintendent Letter

Marshall Public Schools
100 E. Green Street
Marshall, Michigan 49068
December 2, 2021

Dear MPS Families,
Today at the Opportunity High School, while speaking to a staff member and his peers, a student threatened violence against the school, members of the school community, and himself. The student was isolated and police were dispatched to the building. After interviewing the student and speaking to his parent, he was turned over to the authorities. The incident remains under investigation, however, there is no current threat to the building. MPS is thankful for the support from local law enforcement as well as the staff and students who acted swiftly, intentionally, and according to established procedures.

We must use this event, as well as recent events from around the state, as a reminder to remain diligent. In the coming days, all building administrators, teachers, and support staff will review our current Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP). As of January 2020, school districts were required by the Michigan Department of Education to have an EOP in place, conduct three school safety drills annually, and report certain crimes to State Police within 24 hours. While preparation does not limit the probability of this type of occurrence, being knowledgeable, aware, and equipped to handle any emergency that may arise is our best hope for mitigation. I know these can be very trying times; a feeling of safety and security is a fundamental necessity for us all. Do not hesitate to reach out should you find yourself in need of support or if you are having concerns about another member of our district family. Staff members, building administrators, and the Central Office team are here for you.

Becky Jones
Marshall Public Schools

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