Albion College’s New Direction – Interview with President Mathew Johnson Part 1

Written by John Face

Photo Credit John Face

City Watch NEWS

On August 13 this writer sat down with Matthew Johnson the President of Albion College to conduct an interview that would cover several different topics.  We discussed everything from Washington Gardner, Albion City Council, a questionable email, Saint John’s Church and his childhood.  Initially I was planning on writing one long article that would cover all aspects of the interview at one time.  It became obvious breaking the interview into a series would be easier for readers to follow.

I have decided that I will not necessarily follow the exact order that the interview took.  There are certain aspects of the interview that require immediate reporting and others that are not as pressing. Also, City Watch wants everyone who would like to reach out to us regarding this upcoming series that they can email us at or send us a message through Facebook. All discussions will be treated as confidential.

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