City Watch NEWS Top 5 Stories of 2022

Written by John Face

November 23, 2022

As City Watch News celebrated its 5th anniversary on November 3rd, it was decided to take a moment to look back for a brief moment and remind us about the top stories of the year. The last year has been incredible and since last November, where the lists below start, much has happened in and around Albion. We decided to break our list into two categories. Let me explain.

December last year we quite possibly had the most viewed article we may ever see for City Watch. That story along with follow-up stories dominated the NEWS cycle here for weeks. Of course, I am talking about everything Mat Johnson, the former President of Albion College who was released from his position at the college on Christmas eve 2021. That happened after he accosted an Albion Michigan icon and beloved leader Hazel Lias. So, we will make two lists, one for Mat Johnson related stories in the last year and the other for all the rest.

The fact is the all-time top 10 stories, with exception for the Lopez Taco House story which came in 3rd, were all directly related to Johnson.

Here we go with story headlines:

Calendar year 2021/22:

Top 5 Stories Headlines

  1. Lopez Taco House Devastated by Fire – Information on How You Can Help
  2. BREAKING NEWS – Funeral Home Director J. Kevin Tidd Dies
  3. Student at Harrington School Accosted by Volunteer Wife of School Board Member
  4. Albion College Facing Significant Cutbacks and Lost Revenue – Potential Layoffs Loom
  5. Albion College Board of Trustees – Former College Board of Trustee Member Speaks – Stephen Greenhalgh Shares his Feelings

Top 5 Stories related to Mat Johnson Headlines

  1. College President Mathew Johnson Allegedly Accosts Hazel Lias in Confrontation
  2. Albion College President Mathew Johnson Out – Resigns
  3. Mathew Johnson Apologized to Hazel Lias – Not Enough
  4. Part 2 College President Mathew Johnson Accosts Hazel Lias
  5. Mat Johnson former College President – Hazel Lias is not a Liar

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