Albion Forward – Into the Future – as we Embrace Our History

Written by John Face

November 23, 2022


As the holiday season is almost in full swing, one thing stands out to this writer. Albion is making a comeback from certain death in the 80’s and 90’s. Though many of our main street store fronts remain empty, there is new life as well. There are new stores downtown, there are signs of life as renovations continue in long abandoned buildings, there is a new beginning. 

We Albion people are diverse, hearty and proud. We are quick to hold those in power accountable, and quick to brag about the beauty of our city. This beauty includes a diverse ethnic mix of residents, a world class institution of higher education in Albion College, our river forks with its history and the unbelievable pride we take when we tell the world, we are from Albion.  

We have many problems ahead of us. The road will be long and at times painful to deal with, but there is a road to the future. There is hope in Albion. Let’s reflect on that during this holiday season.

We are Albion.  

Albion Forward – Into the Future – as we Embrace Our History

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