Election Day – Go Vote – Political Endorsements – Local – State – National

Written by John Face


Written by Editorial Team of City Watch NEWS Blog

October 27, 2022

City Watch NEWS will share its opinion on certain races as we will offer some basic explanation for each. We will start with State races and move down from there.


Democrat Gretchen Whitmer: Governor Whitmer has faced challenges no Governor in the history of the state has. The Pandemic that was allowed to run crazy by the Trump administration was forcing Governors, both Democrat and Republican, to work with each other as the federal government flipped them off. She was also the target of a group of whack job wanna be soldier’s aka militia. Facing all that she still led the state through the recovery even with lies from every Republican in Michigan saying she was failing then quietly working with her to balance the budget. She is smart, experienced and makes her whack a mole opponent look like an uneducated fool. City Watch suggests you vote for Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Secretary of State:

Democrat Jocelyn Benson: When Benson first took office going to the Secretary of State’s office was feared and dreaded by everyone in Michigan. After years of neglect from her predecessor she said we are going to change. Having also to deal with the Pandemic she got her department running like a well-oiled machine. Now her rule is no one waits more than 20 minutes. That’s a far cry from in some cases hours we used to wait. Bensons opponent is not right. She has spewed the craziest of things from her mouth that everyone should fear her if she is elected. City Watch suggests you vote for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

Attorney General:

Democrat Dana Nessel: In her first term General Nessel has led the state in protecting the citizens, everything from price gouging to promising voters you can vote without intimidation. She faces an opponent that has a very dubious background and like the previous two Republicans above has made inflammatory and concerning statements. He is willing to overturn the election if the candidate he likes doesn’t win. City Watch suggests you vote for Attorney General Dana Nessel.

United States House of Representatives:

3rd District:

Democrat Hillary Scholten: Smart, prepared and fare minded. Unlike her opponent who wishes to keep women pregnant and in the home with their mouths shut, Scholten is willing to work in order to compromise to help all. City Watch suggests you vote for Hillary Scholten District 3.

5th District:

Democrat Bart Goldberg: Unlike his opponent Goldberg wishes to protect your right to vote and a women’s right to control her body. He feels health care is a basic human right and will fight for that. His opponent is yet another whack a mole the Republican party puts up every 2 years because he easily is elected in a conservative district. Sadly, the programs he supports hurts an overwhelming number of his voters. City Watch suggests you vote for Bart Goldberg.

7th District:

City Watch suggests you vote for Democrat Elissa Slotkin.

State Universities:

University of Michigan Board of Regents: Vote for no more than two.

City Watch suggest voting for Democrat Mike Behm and Democrat Kathy White

Michigan State University Board of Trustees: Vote for not more than two.

City Watch suggest voting for Democrat Dennis Deno and Democrat Renee Knake Jefferson

Wayne State Universiy Board of Governors: Vote for not more than two

City Watch suggest voting for Democrat Marilyn Kelly

Michigan Supreme Court Justice: Vote for not more than two, non-partisan

City Watch suggest voting for Richard Bernstein and Kyra Harris Bolden

No other judicial endorsements.

Statewide Proposals:

Click on this line for a detailed read about how these three proposals will affect our constitution.

Proposal 1:

After careful consideration and consultation with those who know, we believe this proposal to change some of the term limits in place and transparency issues fixes this. READ THE PROPOSAL YOURSELF.

A proposal to amend the state constitution to require annual public financial disclosure reports by legislators and other state officers and change state legislator term limit to 12 total years in legislature

This proposed constitutional amendment would:

  • Require members of legislature, governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, and attorney general file annual public financial disclosure reports after 2023, including assets, liabilities, income sources, future employment agreements, gifts, travel reimbursements, and positions held in organizations except religious, social, and political organizations.
  • Require legislature implement but not limit or restrict reporting requirements.
  • Replace current term limits for state representatives and state senators with a 12-year total limit in any combination between house and senate, except a person elected to senate in 2022 may be elected the number of times allowed when that person became a candidate.

Should this proposal be adopted?

[ ] YES
[ ] NO

City Watch suggests you vote yes.

Proposal 2:

Secures voting for all and will allow early in person voting. READ THE PROPOSAL YOURSELF.

Proposal 22-2

A proposal to amend the state constitution to add provisions regarding elections.

This proposed constitutional amendment would:

  • Recognize fundamental right to vote without harassing conduct;
  • Require military or overseas ballots be counted if postmarked by election day;
  • Provide voter right to verify identity with photo ID or signed statement;
  • Provide voter right to single application to vote absentee in all elections;
  • Require state-funded absentee-ballot drop boxes, and postage for absentee applications and ballots;
  • Provide that only election officials may conduct post-election audits;
  • Require nine days of early in-person voting;
  • Allow donations to fund elections, which must be disclosed;
  • Require canvass boards certify election results based only on the official records of votes cast.

Should this proposal be adopted?

[ ] YES
[ ] NO

City Watch suggests you vote yes

Proposal 3:

Despite all the lies the “right to lifers” are spreading this law has nothing to do with anything they say. READ THE PROPOSAL YOURSELF.

Proposal 22-3

A proposal to amend the state constitution to establish new individual right to reproductive freedom, including right to make all decisions about pregnancy and abortion; allow state to regulate abortion in some cases; and forbid prosecution of individuals exercising established right

This proposed constitutional amendment would:

  • Establish new individual right to reproductive freedom, including right to make and carry out all decisions about pregnancy, such as prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care, contraception, sterilization, abortion, miscarriage management, and infertility;
  • Allow state to regulate abortion after fetal viability, but not prohibit if medically needed to protect a patient’s life or physical or mental health;
  • Forbid state discrimination in enforcement of this right; prohibit prosecution of an individual, or a person helping a pregnant individual, for exercising rights established by this amendment;
  • Invalidate state laws conflicting with this amendment.

Should this proposal be adopted?

[ ] YES
[ ] NO

City Watch suggests you vote yes

Local Marshall Public School Sinking Fund Bond

Marshall Public School Sinking Fund vote: a quick review.

“Sinking Funds” are dollars secured to maintain district facilities in both Albion and Marshall. These funds are only collected with taxpayer approval and they help keep state funds in the classroom. This year’s ballot proposal language includes improvements to security as well as technology. Albion & Marshall vote every eight years to renew this fund which has been successfully approved for over 20 years. Funds collected are based on millage; one mil is 1/1000th of a dollar.

How much does the .0112 mil increase affect what I pay?

In dollars, the increase is approximately $0.56 annually for a $100,000 primary home ($50k taxable value).

City Watch suggests a yes vote on this proposal

Mayor of Albion Michigan:

After having a chance to review both candidates for the Office of Mayor, Mayor Victoria Garcia-Snyder and Keena Williams here is what we see. We looked at strengths and weaknesses of the candidates gleaned from interviews, and it came down to this. Both candidates had their vision for Albion, and both appear to have the best interest of Albion as their main concerns. Williams though, is unwilling to share who is funding her campaign stating feel free to FOIA after the election, Snyder easily agreed. Williams connections to former Albion Mayor Garett Brown and former Albion College President Mathew Johnson draws concern. She also has no experience. Snyder, whose husband works as Director of Albion College Campus Safety, has held office for one term and yes, she was elected with zero experience as well. She has adapted quickly by having to deal with a sometimes-combative Albion College agenda driven city council. Though Snyder is far from perfect she has shown a willingness to work with all and continues to support Albion statewide. She has earned a great deal of local support.

City Watch suggests you vote for Victoria Garcia-Snyder for Albion Mayor

State Representative:

44th District: Albion

Jim Haadsma we all know as he has made multiple trips to the Albion area over the last two years. Jim has been willing to work with his Republican colleagues in Lansing and is also willing to fight for the citizens of his district. His opponent is basically unknown in Albion. The few times he has slithered into Albion have been low key as he stands for everything, we voters of this district don’t believe.

City Watch suggests you vote for and send Jim Haadsma back to Lansing

State Senate

District 17: Albion

City Watch suggests you vote for Scott Starr

District 18: Battle Creek

City Watch suggests you vote for Democrat Kai De Graaf

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