Sweets on Superior – A Picture Story

Written by John Face

Photos by John Face

October 31, 2022

Cover photo: Albion Mayor Victoria Garcia- Snyder handing out candy in front of the Bohm. When I asked about the significance of her dress she said, “It is a cultural homage to a Mexican tradition of honoring the deceased in the family, Dia de Los Muertos. Both of my parents and my oldest sister have passed, just my way to honor and ask for their presence”.  Snyder is the first woman of color to be Albions Mayor and has received City Watch NEWS endorsement in this upcoming election.

The second installment of Sweets on Superior was a huge success in downtown Albion on Sunday October 30. Around 50 local businesses and organizations passed out candy to hundreds of children who simply walked the sidewalks of Superior to fill their bags. Last year’s event was a success and this year surpassed that in number of children all dressed up hunting candy. I spoke with several parents who were pleased in this event. One stating, “how nice to have such a safe and fun event that kids can enjoy”. Another parent was pleased to see all the “vendors” who were dressed up as well. He said it created a “festive feeling”.

Take a few minutes and look at the pictures. Maybe we photographed one of your little goblins.

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