ALBION- Brio Living Services, formerly United Methodist Retirement Communities
(UMRC) & Porter Hills, is honored to work with the Albion Community Foundation (ACF)
and the Albion Senior Housing Initiative Commission (the Commission) to explore the
potential for senior living options in Albion to help people stay, or relocate to, the
community they love.

For several years, the community of Albion has sought opportunities to develop market-
rate housing for older adults, to keep vibrant older adults in the community as well as to
attract older adults to Albion, including Albion College retirees and alumni. In 2021,
ACF was awarded a $150,000 pre-development grant as part of the Calhoun County
Strategic Project Grant, through county Senior Millage funds. Albion residents Linda
Kolmodin and Marcia Starkey serve as grant co-directors.

The Commission is comprised of Albion community members: Mary Slater, Eddie Ruth
Williams, Karen Yankie, Ken Ponds, Dave Farley, Tom Hunsdorfer, Mae Ola Dunklin,
and Juanita Solis-Kidder. Ex-officio (non-voting) consultants include local housing
specialists Linda Waito and Joe Verbecke.

Brio Living Services’ initial work with ACF and the Commission has included an updated
market survey and study (an initial market study was completed in 2017), and

development of a conceptual model of what a new senior living community could look
like in Albion.

Initial results are promising. The Commission is helping determine the direction of the
potential senior housing development through information gathered from the community
at large. This has included excellent responses to the market survey, along with focus
groups, or Community Conversations, with area adults looking to age in place.

The impact of significantly rising interest rates and local construction inflation, above
that of the nation, have impeded our progress to finalize a potential concept for senior
housing in Albion. However, we look forward to continued exploration of how Brio
Living Services can partner with the community of Albion to provide quality senior living

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