Letter to the Editor – Albion Mayoral Contest – Linda K. Kolmodin

October 25, 2022

Letter to the Editor


As a former sailor, I see many similarities between sailing and leadership.

Both require adjustments and course corrections to achieve success.

Just as captaining a boat, Victoria Garcia Snyder has guided our community through rough

waters and has truly been a capable leader. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership as

Albion’s mayor for the past two years.

As mayor, she has been instrumental in bringing life-changing projects to the city. A prime

example is working collaboratively on the Blue Print for Greater Albion which secured over $2

million in a gift from Christie and Tony deNicola to enhance our city. The MacIntosh Park

splashpad and playground are the first results of that gift.

Vicky is engaged as a leader and regularly attends community events to support positive efforts

in Albion. Recently she endorsed a grant to help Albion be designated as an AARP Age-Friendly

Community. Her agenda is always to do what is best for our city.

Reelecting Vicky will be the best for our community. With our incumbent mayor at the helm,

Albion will continue to successfully move forward.

I urge you to vote for Victoria Garcia Snyder for mayor.

Linda K. Kolmodin

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