Letter to the Editor – Albion Mayoral Contest – Karen D. Yankie

October 25, 2022

Letter to the Editor

Citizens of Albion:

“Your Vote Counts” is a flag I have flying to stress to the Albion populace, in particular, that your vote counts. It is a Constitutional Right. It is a prevalent quirk of human nature that allows too many of us to go through life reacting to things that happen to us instead of acting toward more desirable outcomes before they occur.

I will be voting to re-elect Mayor Victoria Garcia Snyder. She has made a significant positive impact on the Albion Community through her actions:

  • Mayor Snyder has been a voice of fact and reason in dealing with a sometimes contentious Albion City Council
  • Mayor Snyder is an effective collaborator, communicator, and listener with Albion’s businesses, constituents, governmental departments, non-profits, organizations, schools, etc.
  • Mayor Snyder is a visible and participating presence at Albion’s festivities, grand openings, numerous meetings pertaining to the betterment of Albion, etc.
  • Mayor Snyder was instrumental in securing funding for the McIntosh Park Splash Pad in partnership with the Anthony and Christie DeNicola Foundation. It was just one segment of a campaign promise to provide more resources and opportunities for Albion’s youth.
  • Mayor Snyder is fully aware of Albion’s continuing needs: childcare, economic development, food accessibility, housing, infrastructure, providing opportunities for cultural & diversity awareness, etc. and the necessity of securing funds to meet those needs

Don’t be complacent this election and expect others to step up…you have a voice and a VOTE. Support MAYOR VICTORICA GARCIA SNYDER  to continue Albion’s positive growth.

Thank you. Karen D. Yankie

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