For Immediate Release: 10/20/22

    The Community Table of Albion has been a vital part of providing food for local residents. Albion-Homer United Way recently helped fund staff for this important community asset through a $2,500 grant to the Albion Health Care Alliance.

    AHCA Executive Director said that the Community Table of Albion has been serving up to 150 box meals at its three-times-a-month food distributions at Wesley Hall at Albion College. In addition a food pantry at Wesley Hall has been providing food to local residents and college students who are experiencing food insecurity. The pantry is open on Fridays and for emergency basis throughout the week. 

    Heading the food coordination services are Ginny Garrison and Tami Oliver oversees the food pantry. They have also been securing fresh food for the CTA in creative and time-consuming ways as availability of food supplies dwindle through traditional sources. 

    The AHCA partners with the AHUW, Calhoun County Senior Services, Albion Community Foundation, Feldpausch Foundation and Oaklawn Hospital for financial support for these food services and staffing. 

    Albion-Homer United Way’s commitment is to help fund non-profit programs through grants. On-going donations throughout the year are needed for funding these efforts. 

According to AHUW Executive Director Marcia Starkey there are several good reasons to donate to the local United Way including that donations fund Albion and Homer specific programs and funding decisions are made by a local board. Donor lists are never shared with other agencies and payroll deductions make donating easier. Donations can be mailed at any time to AHUW P.O. Box 55, Albion, MI 49224, made on-line at or by contacting Starkey at 517-499-2563. 

AHUW board members are Carolyn Amos, Donisha Brewer, Chris Burdette, Robert Hawkins, Art Kale, Marc Newman, Isabell Nazar, Eddie Williams and Shane Williamson.

PHOTO CAPTION: Dedicated volunteers help with the Community Table of Albion’s food distribution. The CTA recently received additional funding from the Albion-Homer United Way to continue the food program.

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