Calhoun County Dispatch Signs Agreement with Motorola for System and Radio Upgrades

Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Press Release
Today, Sept. 27, the Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch Authority (CCCDA) leadership signed an agreement with Motorola for a system solution and hundreds of portable radios, which will improve communications for first responders countywide. The proposal and contract were approved at a special meeting of the CCCDA Board of Directors on Monday, Sept. 26, after voters approved a millage for the authority at the Primary Election on Aug. 2, 2022. 

The proposal, which totals $14,482,542, has two primary components—system infrastructure and portable devices. As part of the system that the radios operate on, four new towers will be built, which will add to two that are already in use by CCCDA, for six towers total for the new simulcast system. The system will operate on 10 communication channels, with an additional one for data. Additionally in the agreement, CCCDA will purchase 413 portable radios, 167 mobile radios, 400 pagers, 10 control stations that will be installed within the agencies, and Radio Manager software that allows the devices to be updated via WiFi.

Dispatch will work with public safety agencies countywide on distribution of the radios and pagers. “This proposal addresses the current communications challenges facing the 911 communication ecosystem in Calhoun County. With the voters’ approval in August, we are taking the first steps to improve communications between emergency agencies and Dispatch, which will lead to a safer condition for all residents,” said CCCDA Executive Director Michael Armitage. 

This lease purchase agreement with Motorola lasts 10 years and gives the authority the ability to explore bonding options, potentially with the County. It will take two years to build out the system. This agreement addresses Phase 1 of the CCCDA’s strategic plan to improve communications technology, by improving tower infrastructure and law enforcement radios.

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