Press Release from Linda Kolmodin

Books designed to spark reading enjoyment will be part of Albion’s Little Big Read at
Harrington Elementary School. The program is partially funded by the Albion-Homer United
Way through a recent $1,500 grant.
As a community-backed program the Little Big Read also received $500 from the Albion
branch of the NAACP. The reading initiative is a spin-off from Albion’s Big Read through
Albion College.
According to Albion College Professor Jess Roberts the Big Read director, the Little Big
Read is designed to “distribute books—selected by Harrington teachers—to all the adults and all
the children at Harrington, and teachers and others will create and implement activities, both
classroom-specific and school-wide, inspired by the books. Those activities, spanning 2-4 weeks,
will produce excitement about the book and engagement among the kids and adults at
Companion books based on reading levels were selected for grades kindergarten through
second and for third through fifth. The chapter books are Cleo Edison Oliver, Playground
Millionaire by Sundee Frazier and Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO by Dr. Tamara Pizzolli.
In addition, Frazier will visit Albion from October 19 through 21 for a school visit to meet
with Harrington student-readers.
Albion-Homer United Way’s commitment is to help fund non-profit programs through
grants. On-going donations throughout the year are needed for funding these efforts.

According to AHUW Executive Director Marcia Starkey there are several good reasons
to donate to the local United Way including that donations fund Albion and Homer specific
programs and funding decisions are made by a local board. Donor lists are never shared with
other agencies and payroll deductions make donating easier. Donations can be mailed at any time
to AHUW P.O. Box 55, Albion, MI 49224, made on-line at or by
contacting Starkey at 517-499-2563. AHUW board members are Carolyn Amos, Donisha Brewer, Chris Burdette, Robert Hawkins, Art Kale, Marc Newman, Isabell Nazar, Eddie Williams and Shane Williamson.

PHOTO CAPTION: Albion Big Read Director Jess Roberts introduces the Little Big Read
book to Harrington Elementary School students. Albion-Homer United Way helped fund this
new program designed to engage the whole school community in reading and discussing the
same book.

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