Press Release – Situation After Festival Saturday Night Downtown

Albion Department of Public Safety

At approximately 6:30 PM, ADPS officers responded to a reported fight near the Bohm Theater.   On arrival, officers were told that a black male wearing a black mask and a black shirt was in possession of a gun.  We located the person fitting that description jogging east on Cass St. into Lloyd Park, followed by many other individuals. 

ADPS officers attempted to make contact with the individual and were pushed away from him by other individuals around him.  An officer was able to grab ahold of his arm and escorted him to their car, where he was handcuffed and detained in the backseat.  While this was occurring, other officers were attempting to detain one other subject who had interfered with us, and a second individual tried stopping his arrest and was also detained. 

While this was happening, a female subject was being pushed away by another officer, and she began to swing her fist at the officer, striking him in the face, and was also arrested.  Officers deployed Tasers and pepper spray to control these individuals and get others interfering away from the officers. 

 Once these four individuals were in custody, they were taken over and placed into available patrol cars.  By this time, a large crowd had gathered, and several were unruly and refusing to leave the area.  The brother of one of the persons detained shoved an officer standing outside the car door where his brother was detained and had to be wrestled to the ground by multiple officers.  He was also Tased as he refused to comply and struggled with the officers. 

While this occurred, his sister approached an officer and swung her arms, striking the officer in the face.  She had to be wrestled to the ground, and pepper sprayed to get her into custody.  At least five officers sustained minor injuries in the altercation.

All individuals who were arrested were taken to ADPS’s station, processed, and then released to family members.  Three were adults, and three were juveniles.  We are in the process of reviewing the video from the incident and completing reports.  Due to the number of people and officers involved, this will take some time to sort out.  ADPS will be requesting charges on those people who interfered with or assaulted officers.

 The individual who we were told had the gun was found to be a 15-year-old juvenile.  He was taken to ADPS, where we called his parents, who came to the station.  We requested permission from his parents to speak to him about the incident and what had occurred, but his parents refused to allow us to talk to him.  No gun was found in his possession, and he was released to his parents.

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