Philanthropic Women Help Fund Gardner House Repairs

Gardner House Museum is getting some much-needed roof repairs thanks to the
generosity of the Albion Area Philanthropic Women.
AAPW members voted Tuesday to help with second-floor fascia and soffit repairs. In
addition the funds will also help pay for the Albion Historical Society’s updated walking tour
According to Historical Society President Celeste Connamacher fixing the soffits and
fascia is critical to maintaining the 1875 Victorian home’s roof integrity. Connamacher said that
the repairs needed to be done immediately before winter created even more roof issues.
Funding the 46-year-old historic walking tour map was also important to add more Black
history and update sites, Connamacher said. The new maps will be available for the Michigan
Historical Society Conference Sept. 23-25 held in Albion. The local historical society is hosting
the conference.
New AAPW members are always welcome. The only requirement is that women have a
heart for giving and a desire to make the Albion area a better place for all. Members commit to
donating $100 per quarter to a deserving nonprofit voted on by the group. To be a member you
need not live in the Albion area. Many current AAPW supporters live out of town but regularly
send checks to support the philanthropic group’s efforts.
AAPW was founded in 2007 by Cathy Campbell and the late Maggie Konkle. To date
AAPW members have given over $600,000 to the Albion area nonprofit organizations.

For more information contact AAPW volunteer leaders Nancy Roush at; Gwen Tabb at or Marcia Starkey at

PHOTO CAPTION: Albion Area Philanthropic Women member Karen Yankie (left) looks on
as Linda Kolmodin presents the checks from AAPW to Celeste Connamacher of the Albion
Historical Society and Tonya Arnett, AAPW and Historical Society member. Donna Calvaruso
AAPW member is pictured on the right. AAPW awarded its funds for Gardner House repairs and
to update the history walking tour map. The September quarterly meeting was held this week at
the Holland Park Pavilion.

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