“Magic Bus” Swingin’ at the Shell – Sunday Night

Written by John Face

Photos by Mark Harrington

September 15, 2022

Founding member Mark Harrington admits the group Magic Bus was his brainchild. As a professional musician he always wanted to put together a band whose focus was music of the 60’s. Harrington has a connection to music of the 60’s, from the Summer of Love (1967) to Woodstock (1969) we were all blessed with some of the greatest music of all time.

Harrington didn’t want to do a tribute band which focuses on one group, his idea was “to do a tribute for an era” he said, “which in this case was during such a creative time for music and social change”. He said, ’67 through 69 saw the world change in many ways and that those days of old could be compared to today and the issues we face.

The band which started touring in 2009 and has had different line-ups over the years. He did say, “the first call I made when I wanted to create this was to Dave Mielke, a friend and great musician”. In the beginning he was also joined by Terry Stevenson, who moved on to other projects but has now rejoined the group. The rest of the band has Mike Bruner, Dan Medawor, and Pat Murphy. The stage crew is Mark Richards (lighting) and Dave Eversole (sound) who complete the whole group to put together a great show. “This band” he said, “is loaded with talent and each of the members could be lead singers, and that is one of the reasons we sound good because of the harmony”. Then factor in the talent it takes to play songs from so many different bands is proof of the band’s musical talent as well.

Harrington, a self-proclaimed hippy at heart, loves doing the music of this era, it’s what he grew up on. When he looks out in the crowd and sees people smiling and enjoying the music “it makes me happy”, he said. Another aspect of doing Magic Bus tours is they have a dedicated group of fans. Fans meet at our shows and become friends and before you know it, they are traveling to other shows and hanging out together.

Magic Bus has won awards such as the Detroit Music Awards for Outstanding Tribute band twice. The “awards are nice”, he said, “but what means more to us is our fans enjoying the music”.

Magic Bus will close out the Festival of Forks weekend with a 6:00 P.M. show at the Band Shell Theatre in Victory Park. As always bring your chair or blanket. Remember this will be free hotdog night so come have fun. For a complete schedule of the Festival of the Forks click on this link.

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