Galazio of Albion – Pita Pizza Lunch Time

Written by John Face

September 13, 2022

Stopped by Galazio of Albion today to try out the Pita Pizza lunch special. Chef Sean and I spoke as he explained they were trying to expand the menu and wanted to add smaller lunch items for those looking for those options.

He said they are working on a detailed lunch menu that hopefully will be available in the coming weeks, but for now they are trying the 3 topping Pita Pizza. Chef Sean asked what items I wanted, and I told him to surprise me. Off to the kitchen he went after getting my pop and I sat there playing on my phone.

It wasn’t long before he came out with this pizza and wow did it look good. He told me he put peperoni, white mushrooms and sweet Italian sausage. Now that sausage was amazing, and the sauce was delicious and if you are looking for a light lunch this is it.

Of course, they still offer their regular full menu as well. For now, he said the Pita Pizza will only be offered during lunch service which is 11:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.

Now cost wise the Pita Pizza and pop are only $8.00 plus tax. A good deal considering it filled me up. That compares to two tacos and pop at Lopez for around $8.00 as well.

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