Breaking – Swingin’ at the Shell Adds Another Show Festival Weekend

Written by John Face

September 12,. 2022

As the Simply Queen Tribute Band concert came to an end Sunday night everyone in attendance stood and cheered. It was during this that Bill Dobbins made a special announcement that went mostly unheard due to the cheering. Every year the final show of the Swingin’ at the Shell season audience members is treated to free hotdogs as a thank you for attending the summer series. The free hotdogs did not happen during this show because the final show was moved to the Bohm Theatre due to unrelenting rain.

Dobbins announced that since the hotdog party was canceled because of rain, Swingin’ at the Shell would host one more show next Sunday, September 18, 2022. They decided to add the concert with the widely popular “Magic Bus”, a group whose last appearance at the summer music series was a huge success.

Swingin’ at the Shell will host this concert on Sunday September 18 at 6:00 P.M. to close out the Festival of the Forks celebration weekend. This special event is being brought to fans by the generous support of Swingin’ at the Shell sponsors.

So, plan on celebrating the end of another show season this Sunday night at the Shell. Oh, you can also get a delicious hotdog.

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