Act II Community Theatre Postpones Production

Written by John Face

August 30, 2022

Ultimately between the lack of actors and then mother nature, Act II had to postpone. Yesterday’s devastating thunderstorm that left a path of damage through the region caused the theatre group to step back and postpone. Here is the press release:

It is with sadness that the ACT II Board of Directors has decided to, at minimum, postpone our planned performance of the comedy Play On!. We were short three actors and had added two extra auditions yesterday and today. But Mother Nature said hold on. Our audition site still has no power. Our main issue was we were already beyond our start time for rehearsal and the Board after discussions with our Director decided to postpone.

To say we are disappointed is an understatement. This decision did not come easy for us. We will meet soon and decide where we go from here. We want to thank those who had auditioned for us and of course those who have supported us financially.

Again, to our supporters, we are sorry for this postponement.

Act II Board of Directors

President Tom McClure

Vice-President Andrew Arndts

Secretary/Treasurer John Face

Director Donisha Brewer

Director Lynn Schofield/Dahl

Director Jen Finney

Director Dr. Sheila Lyons-Sobaski

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