“It Was Magical” – Fleetwood Golds Magic Makes for Something Special – Concert Sunday Evening

Written by John Face

Photos by Fleetwood Gold

August 19, 2022

If you were lucky enough to watch the Fleetwood Gold concert in the fall of 2021 at Swingin’ at the Shell, what I am about to tell you may shock you. This group held its first rehearsal in October of 2020 and had its first performance in January 2021. Yeah, you read that correctly, this band was only a few months old when we heard them and knowing that I am hoping as a reader you understand the immense talent that is brought together in this band. That 2021 show here in Albion was amazing and had all of us calling for a quick return.

from L-R Kyle Smithers Bass, Sara Reat keyboard and vocals, Chris Shutters lead Guitar and vocals, Erika Prehm vocals, Danny Jahns Drums

Thursday night I had the chance to talk with Sara Reat and John Scherer of Fleetwood Gold. Sara plays the part of “Christine” and of course plays keyboards. John is the groups manager and the reason this group is together.

Scherer from Toledo Ohio has spent his life loving music and the music business. After a short stint in college, he began to focus on managing and creating bands. He had played brass instruments but realized being the guy on stage was not for him, so he focused on the music business. He has collaborated with many musicians over the years in different groups with different genres. He loved bands with strong brass influences such as Chicago and Fleetwood Mac of course.

Scherer has worked with Sara Reat for 10 or so years. He knew she was a strong singer and keyboardist. Reat, born in Cincinatti Ohio and who now lives in Columbus says she has been involved in music her whole life. Her musical influences cover many genres from the 60’s and 70’s and she too is a Fleetwood Mac Fan. She has played in several bands over the years, and she would meet future band mate Erika Prehm in their freshman year at college in 2001 and quickly became best friends as they both shared their love of music.

She along with Prehm figured out that they sounded good together early on so when Scherer came calling years later, it was easy to see he had his “Stevie” for the new Tribute Band. Erika has had a lifelong love of the music business as well. Known for her writing and singing, she has recorded albums and worked with several bands.

From L-R Sara Reat, Erika Prehm and Christ Shutters

Scherer had his two female singers and knew they were exactly what he was looking for. Now he needed a “Lindsey” to match up to his “Stevie and Christine”.

Chris Shutters came to the band as a two-time National Blues guitar champion. Chris is a huge fan of Peter Green, a founding member of Fleetwood Mac. This explains the bands playing a few songs of Fleetwood Mac songs that Green was behind during their shows. Shutters guitar playing was complimented by a great voice that was a good fit for the band as well.

With the three singers chosen, now all that was needed was a solid foundation. In came Bass player Kyle Smithers and drummer Danny Jahns

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pandemic

“Fleetwood Gold most likely wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the pandemic” according to Reat. Scherer came to Reat and Prehm around three years ago to form this band. Prehm who was getting ready to have a child, and that put a hold on the band idea. According to Sara it would be the Pandemic and having too much time on their hands that the idea came back. The band would finally get all the pieces together and have their first rehearsal in October of 2020. Sara said, “the harmony was magical with the three of us singing (Prehm, Shutters and herself)”.

She said that she has come to appreciate Fleetwood Mac more since being in the band. “I love being at concerts and watching how the crowd reacts” she said. “Watching people just close their eyes and go back in time and touch on those memories”. She is happy to give audiences a Fleetwood Mac experience.

Scherers reaction when he first heard the band together was the “vocals were magical, add in Chris’s lead guitar and Kyle and Danny leading the vibe this group is special”.

He stressed that “the band doesn’t dress to copy Fleetwood Mac, for them it’s about the music and making the audience appreciate that”. Right now, they are booking around 30 shows per year. They have played venues with 10,000 people in the audience and down to just a few hundred. They just booked a show in Florida for a January performance. He said the groups social media presence has over 5000 followers which is one of the biggest in the Midwest.

Both Sara and John are looking forward for a return to Albion and want everyone to come join them for their tribute to Fleetwood Mac. They love outdoor venues such as the Shell.

Fleetwood Gold

Concert time 6:00 P.M.

Band Shell Theatre

Victory Park Albion Michigan

Bring your chair or blanket

If weather becomes a problem and a venue change is needed, the information will be shared on the Swingin’ at the Shell Facebook page and City Watch NEWS Facebook page and here on our website as well.

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