Albion Splash Pad Opens with Huge, UHH, Splash

Written by John Face

August 6, 2022

Photos by John Face

McIntosh Park is the place to be on a hot summer day in Albion as dozens of children and adults flock to the new splash pad. As this writer walked up to the pad it was swarmed with children, screaming in joy as they played with each other and cooling themselves in the water. Add to this a brand-new playground area makes this entire area impressive.

Albion area children play and stay cool on one of the warmest days of the year
Splash pad playtime

The park is here because of a generous donation from Tony and Christie DeNicola. This is one of many projects that they are helping to fund here in Albion. Tony and Christie, Albion residents by birth, wanted to do something special for their hometown and especially the children of Albion. So, the splash pad was one of the ideas they came up with.

I spoke with several parents and children. Nothing but grins. One parent said “when I got here and saw this, I thought this can’t be Albion. We are not supposed to have nice things like this”. Her daughter told me, “This was so fun, can this be here all the time”. Yeah, not going to lie, I absolutely loved the look on her face when I told her it belongs to all of us and will be here forever.

Another mom and daughter were very happy and wanted to know how this happened (the splash pad). I explained the generosity of the DeNicola family, and she said she didn’t know them but wanted to thank them. “We have had so much fun today.” Her daughter looked at me and asked, “will this always be free to come here?” I was happy to tell her yes as a smile came on her face.

The playground area with new rides was being used as well. The ground softly padded, and the rides were unique. Beside the playground there is a new pavilion. This building will have public bathrooms, but they are not complete yet (Please someone bring in porta potties for the rest of the season. Two different moms asked for that) Take a moment and look at all the great pictures. This park is a wonderful addition to Albion.

McIntosh Park is located beside Dean Drive. Take Austin Ave. to State Street and turn north at the Russian Church, bear right at the fork and you can see the park area toward the back, follow the street around to it. Hours are 10 A.M. until 8 P.M.

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