New Council Member – Vivian Davis – Welcome to Council

Written by John face

Photo by Vivian Davis

July 10, 2022

Vivian Davis has been a leader in Albion for decades and no one was surprised when she stepped forward once again to accept a challenge. Albion City Council 5th Precinct seat became open when then council member Linda LaNoue suddenly resigned. Questions in the community regarding her residency in the 5th precinct have swirled around Albion for well over a year.

Former council member LaNoue

So as the council put out the word requesting applicants it was an easy decision for Davis. She had run against LaNoue for the seat coming up short and Davis was the obvious choice to replace LaNoue. One, she actually lives in the precinct she will serve, and her list of qualifications are, as my Daddy used to say, “a mile long”.

Davis’s education at Fort Valley State University, Case Western Reserve University, Western Michigan University, and continuing studies at Grand Valley State University shows a woman who believes in education. Her work experience included working for the Albion Public School system among other. After Retirement she would serve the same school district on its school board during troubling times for Albion which included her leading Albion through the difficulty of annexation with Marshall public schools.

Vivian Davis

When asked why she applied for the seat she said, ” My commitment to the Albion community is unrelenting in the role of parent, educator, organizational leader, volunteer, and mentor.” She went on to say, “I feel my intuitiveness and experience enable me to understand and hear the voices and concerns of my constituents. I understand the need to reduce health disparities, food insecurities, educational disparities, the deteriorating infrastructure of city buildings, economic deficiencies, housing improvements, and finding resources for a community that is struggling to sustain and build for a better tomorrow”.

We got around to the subject of what she wants to accomplish during her time on council. She said, “I would like to see the city receive funding to immediately address the needs for improved streets and roads throughout the Albion. Although there is a plan for street repairs, there is much frustration among the citizenry whose streets are not included in the immediate improvement plan”.

“Now that the city has hired a Code Enforcement Officer, I look forward to improved visual signs of enforcement, including grass/dirt and debris removal in curb side drains, sidewalk repairs, and overgrown vacant lots, and other infractions” she said.

I asked her what she would do to stay in contact with her constituents. “I plan to develop “Precinct 5 Points of Interest” electronic newsletter that will be delivered, electronically and in hard copy, to Precinct 5 residents. The purpose of the monthly publication will be to highlight the actions of city council to keep the constituents informed, engaged, and interested”.

She did tell me she has every intention to run for reelection. “Yes, I plan to seek re-election. I am sure many of the initiatives that I have planned will be more successful with continuity, dedication, and knowhow” she said.

I asked her what she feels are Albions strengths, she supplied me with this:

Albion is a community that is comprised of talented, resourceful, and committed
people. The uniqueness of Albion is not found in surrounding communities. The
following strengths readily come to mind:
 Albion is the only small community in the surrounding area that has a new 72
room Marriott Hotel.
 Albion offers Pre-Kindergarten -16 attainment of education through the
completion of a bachelor’s degree.
 Albion offers a nationally known small ivy league college, Albion College, that
supports and compliments the city of Albion by investing in downtown
infrastructure, collaborating to improve businesses, organizations, and offering
post-secondary opportunities to youth and community citizens.
 Albion College brings world class speakers and programs to be enjoyed by Albion
residents in the Albion community.
 Albion has strong connections with Kellogg Community College to help improve
the workforce for local and regional employment.
 Albion seeks resources to offer recreation and entertainment for our youth. A
Two Million Dollar gift from the NiCola Family enabled a new splashpad to be
installed on the west side of town in McIntosh Park. This initiative gives children
the opportunity to enjoy purposed recreation in their neighborhood.
 YMCA is actively involved in youth and adult activities throughout the year.
 Albion has 17 official parks, plus the Albion River Trail.
 Albion has the world’s largest Coca-Cola Mural.
 History Hill at Holland Park highlights significant contributions of African
American in the Albion Community
 Albion offers a Purple Gang Tour to highlight the notorious Detroit gangsters
during the 1920’s and 1930’s.
 Albion has a diverse citizenry with 62.37% white, 32.11% African American,
3.60% two or more races, and 1.4% other
 Albion has the Restoration of the Bohm Theater
 Albion has collaborated with Oaklawn Hospital to provide medical services

She also has areas that she feels Albion could improve on she sent me this:

As several small communities in the Midwest, Albion has encountered challenges as we are
transitioning from a manufacturing community to an industrialized environment. Although
many accomplishments have been made in the overall infrastructure of the city. Continued
efforts are needed in:

 Workforce Development – Although Kellogg Community College has
implemented an industrial arts program, continued efforts are needed to
encourage local participation.
 Economic Development in the downtown area and throughout the community

 Partnerships to improve transportation options for all residents
 Address health disparities among our citizens, with special emphases on our
minority populations.
 Diversification of housing options for seniors, middle-income citizens, young
 Improvement of Albion’s roads, streets, bridges, dams, etc.
 Community relations
 Enhancing academic and psychosocial readiness of our students

So, 5th Precinct voters take a moment and come see your council member. She does possess a deep love for Albion and its citizens. Give her a chance and she will make changes for the positive in our town.

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