Body Discovered North Side of Albion

Written by John Face

July 1, 2022

Albion Department of Public Safety (ADPS) officers came across a female laying in the grass of the 700 block of Huntington Ave overnight. City Watch was contacted by a nearby resident asking, “what was happening”. This resident who has asked to remain anonymous stated ADPS officers stopped by their residence early this morning requesting to watch the resident’s door cam video. The resident allowed officers to view video from the previous night.

City Watch reached out to ADPS Director Scott Kipp who advised City Watch that officers found the unnamed female unconscious with no pulse. Officers administered Narcan, a drug used for patients with possible narcotic overdose and then started CPR, EMS arrived and attempted to revive the patient with no luck, ultimately Dr. Bell called the time of death at 2:53 A.M.

ADPS saw no indications of foul play and that the follow up canvassing of the neighborhood was routine. A cause of death will be released after an autopsy is concluded.

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