Galazio of Albion – Good NEWS and Bad NEWS

Written by John Face

Photos by John Face

June 26, 2022

Well let’s address the elephant in the room as my story title shows, Galazio most likely will not open this week, for sure they will not be open as they previously stated. Tonight’s training exercise/soft opening went very well but they continue to wait for final inspections.

Maggie Hare, co-owner with her husband Chef Sean is frustrated, but sadly this is what you do when you follow the rules. She said they will once again announce on Facebook when they can tell us when they plan on opening. They are hoping that after tonight’s training run the decision could be sooner than later.

Customers enjoy their dinner.
Staff working and training as the evening wears on.

Now with a review. I will say right now I have never been exposed much to Greek food, so I was really looking forward to this night. The open house menu selection offered some tasty food.

They offered patrons either Greek Salad or Cesar Salad as the appetizer. Between what my dinner guests at my table ordered and myself we all saw the different selections. I chose the Greek Salad as the ingredients sounded great. Fresh cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, red onions, topped with kalamata olives, capers, feta cheese, a splash of red wine vinegar and olive oil. One word for this. Yum.

The Main Entree was a choice of three different dishes. Chicken Souvlaki Platter, Gyro Platter and Prasinos Platter. I decided on the Prasinos as it sounded delicious offering farm fresh grilled vegetables, served with warm Pita, a selection of spreads, Greek fries and choice of side. I went with Rice Pilaf as my side. As I stated earlier all the different selections came to our table. There was a definite trend at the table, the food was amazing. For dessert we had two choices, Baklava or cheesecake. I went with the cheesecake covered with caramel that was amazing, though I heard the Baklava was delicious as well

Now our service was good. They are learning skills and this evening was perfect for them. Even if there were mistakes, though I heard of none nor saw any, the staff had a very forgiving customer base. They were learning, we knew it and they did very well. I spoke with several of the customers and not one had any complaints, and all loved the food. Chef Sean and his staff knocked it out of the park from the kitchen, and Maggie had her front-end staff in the groove.

So, we wait a little longer for the opening of this amazing restaurant, but I promise when they open you will not be disappointed. Oh, sorry for no food pictures, I was too busy enjoying eating to take them.

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