Get Ready – For a Great Concert Thursday Night

Written by John Face

Photo by John Face

June 22, 2022

Jerry Lew Patterson has been a mainstay in the music scene here in Albion Michigan for decades. He has a local following that when people hear that “it’s a band that Jerry is in”, they will show up only because of that. Is Jerry a super star? No. He is however, respected enough that his name recognition puts fans in the seats locally.

Jerry Lew Patterson

On Thursday night June 23, Jerry is in a band that is putting on a concert here in his hometown of Albion. The yet officially named band has scheduled their very first concert here in Albion to be held at the Historic Bohm Theatre. I sat down with Jerry yesterday for a conversation at the Albion Malleable to get the scoop on what is happening with this show.

I asked Jerry to give me a history of his musical career. When he was done, I sat dumb founded. I knew he has done Celtic music, country and classic rock and I knew the most recent bands that Jerry is a part of. The Dixie Mafia, The Extra’s, Black Bridge Road and of course Motown’s own Rare Earth, but his list went on and on. To say Jerry has experience is an understatement.

The Rare Earth Connection

So yeah, Jerry has shown us all that he is capable of playing all genres of music and has been able to bring joy to many. But even Jerry will admit that his stint with the Motown band of Rare Earth brought him to prominence around the country. Local area fans know of his guitar picking prowess, now so does everyone else.

This connection to Rare Earth is what brings us to Thursday night’s concert. This yet to be named band consists of Floyd Stokes Jr., Rick Warner, James Williams, Mocha and Jerry. Stokes, Warner and Jerry all were a part of Rare Earth who have been touring nationally the last several years. Stokes, also known as JR. was the lead singer for Earth. Sadly, it would be the sudden death of legendary Earth leader Gil Bridges in December of 2021 that would cause an indefinite pause in the bands touring. It was due to Bridges death that the trio branched out and formed this new band, bringing them here to little Albion MI for their inaugural concert.

That Rare Connection for Jerry

Gil Bridges would become a mentor and friend for Jerry during his tenure with Rare Earth. Jerry started in 2003 doing fill in work for the legendary Motown group and then in 2016 began to tour with them regularly. It was friendships like this that Jerry has seen for most of his career with all musicians he has worked with that keep him going. It was friendships that the current band mates have for each other that has them all excited for the future of the new band.

Thursday Night – New Beginning

Thursday night we will see a band crunching out Motown hits, maybe even a few Earth songs, that will have the audience dancing in their seats, hell maybe in the aisles as well. Tickets are only $15.00 to see a stage loaded with international talent and experience. Tickets are available at the door and online by clicking here. They will be filming for promo’s, having pictures taken as well. So not only does Albion get to see this future legendary band first, but we will also be part of their promo package sent out to venues and agents in the future.

Jerry said there are many reasons this show is happening; it took all the musicians and many others such as Donisha Brewer of the Bohm Theatre. “She has been so helpful in making this happen” he said, “Her work and those others at the Bohm is most appreciated by the band”.

This one is for Gil

Jerry asked me to mention that this concert is dedicated to Gil Bridges, the legendary member and one of founders of Rare Earth. He pointed out that Gil gave opportunities to so many to tour internationally so it’s right to honor his name.


It’s time Albion so come and support this show by bringing your rear end to the Bohm Thursday night at 7:30 P.M. Tickets at the door for $15.00 or online by clicking here.

Come support one of our own, Jerry Patterson.

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