Press Release

June 18, 2022

In the midst of a heat wave thoughts of using the Opportunity High School pool must
have been on the minds of the Albion Area Philanthropic Women as they awarded money for
better access to the pool area.

The philanthropic group met Tuesday at the Forks Senior Center instead of outside at
Holland Park because of a heat advisory for the city. At the meeting more than 50 women
attended and voted to give their funds to the Battle Creek Y for new access steps into the pool
area at the former Albion High School.

Access has been an issue to enable all to enter the pool comfortably and safely. The
Battle Creek Y, under the leadership of Jill Kingsley Hinde of Albion, has been running the
Albion city recreation department programs. The pool is part of that programming which
includes open swim, lessons and water aerobics.

PHOTO: Battle Creek Family YMCA Chief Executive Officer Jill Kingsley Hinde,
(left) and AAPW members Vicky Konkle, Tami Oliver and Gwen Tabb gather to celebrate the
latest philanthropic gift to the Y. The money from the women’s group will fund access
equipment for the Opportunity High School pool in Albion. The pool is under the Y as part of
recreational programming with the city.

New AAPW members are always welcome. The only requirement is that women have a
heart for giving and a desire to make the Albion area a better place for all. Members commit to
donating $100 per quarter to a deserving nonprofit voted on by the group. To be a member you
need not live in the Albion area. Many current AAPW supporters live out of town but regularly
send checks to support the philanthropic group’s efforts.

AAPW was founded in 2007 by Cathy Campbell and the late Maggie Konkle. To date
AAPW members have given over $600,000 to the Albion area nonprofit organizations.

For more information contact AAPW volunteer leaders Nancy Roush at; Gwen Tabb at or Marcia Starkey at

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