Galazio Restaurant of Albion Almost Ready for Opening – Job Fair Continues

Written by John Face

April 27, 2022

Photos by John Face

Today they are busy conducting interviews of possible future employees. Maggie and Sean Hare are excited that they are moving forward, albeit slower than they would like, to opening. I stopped by to see if they have had many applicants and Maggie said, “about five so far.” She was happy as some are excellent candidates, and they plan on hiring a few of them. Their plan is to work toward hiring 15 people for what they call maximum staffing. The job fair going on today will continue until 4:00 P.M. at the restaurant. There is more information regarding another job fair later in this story.

City Watch did an original story about Galazio that can be viewed here by clicking on this picture:

Link to original Galazio story by City Watch click on picture
The still functioning scales glistening from being cleaned up

They plan on opening toward the middle of May as they are waiting on inspections to be completed before they can finish the work needed in the kitchen. Large equipment will be coming in from Maryland very soon and after Mother’s Day the Gressis family will be in town to help train staff.

Artwork that will be hung

When they open, they will not be serving alcohol though they are working on making that happen. They will have a bartender on duty making “mocktails” for customer enjoyment. They plan on having a soft opening which will be personal invitation only once staff is ready. When that happens, Sean said, “we will open most likely the next day”.

My personal favorite of all the artwork and Maggie’s as well

The artwork pictured here is beautiful and most pieces are at least 6 feet tall. They will adorn the walls along with flags of Mediterranean countries.

If you were unable to stop today for an interview, they will be participating in a Michigan Works hiring fair called Albion Recipe for Success. This will be May 11 from 11:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. at the Opportunity High School on Watson Street inside the gymnasium as several employers will be present.

What is making Maggie and Sean happy is the level of interest they are hearing. We are being contacted by people from all over the state wanting to know if we are open. “Soon” Sean said’ “very soon”.

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