Lecture and Documentary Film Monday at the Bohm – Free

The public is invited for a free lecture and documentary film on the rights of nature. Chad Nicholson will lead a lecture on the topic “The System isn’t Broken, It’s Fixed”. Nicholson is a community rights advocate who will lead discussions about how communities can learn to organize and learn how nature has rights. His lecture will be at the Bohm Theatre on Monday April 25 from 2:15 until 4:05 P.M. and is free.

Later in the day at 7:00 P.M. come to the Bohm to see “Invisible Hand” a rights of nature documentary. “What this documentary is offering is a way forward. You hear time and time again that a corporation has the rights of a person. The idea that Nature has no rights whatsoever is absurd,” exclaimed Mark Ruffalo, Producer. Watch this and understand why natures rights need to be protected by us. The movie is free of charge as well.

The lecture and documentary are brought to the community by the Kropscott Endowed Lecture Series and the Communication Studies Department of Albion College.

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