Greek? Mediterranean? Galazio Restaurant of Albion Will Have You Covered

Written by John Face

City Watch NEWS

April 17, 2022

They wanted to be open last year. Then they wanted to be open by April 1. Well, if you have ever started your own business, you know that the best laid plans can fall short no matter how well you plan. There is one thing for sure the newest addition to Albions dining palate is almost ready to open for business.

I stopped by to visit Sean and Maggie Hare at their new restaurant which is located at 301 N. Clinton (the old Gina’s Pizza and Deli near the train station) over a month ago and with Sean again yesterday, they are getting closer to opening. I was pleased with what has been done so far.

Sean Hare at the new bar

All new carpeting, wood floors redone, brand new bar, the scales all cleaned up. One thing that jumped out was the new wall which is placed between the scales and dining area. It contains a beautiful “fireplace”. Then a quick look up and you see the stunning new light fixtures. It’s the small things that make a difference.


Sean and wife Maggie come to Albion by way of Maryland. He has worked for the Gressis family for well over a decade and during that time, learning the art of cooking the “Gressis” way by on-the-job training. “I didn’t go to culinary school” Sean said, “I just learned about being a chef from people who love the business”.

Top quality Greek dinners in the traditional way that the Gressis family taught him is what is coming to Albion. The family who has been a mainstay in restaurants in Maryland for decades was happy when Sean and Maggie decided to step out on their own and open a new restaurant.

Italian Espresso machine named “Enzo” will delight customers

Soon Galazio Restaurant of Albion will open its doors to an excited public. The parent restaurant located in La Plata Maryland has a long tradition of top-quality food and service, click on the picture below to go to their website. Sean and Maggie are hoping that they can bring that same experience to Albion

Maryland restaurant

I asked him why Albion. Sean stated, “we had considered Jackson, Marshall, Battle Creek and other locations. But we kept coming back to Albion and what is happening here. The potential for growth in Albion is huge. A new business can only get bigger and stronger in a town that has good things happening like Albion does.

Tabletops repurposed from the old bar

There was one thing you can hear and see with Sean, that this is his passion. He really is excited that they are getting closer. As far as the opening the plan is that members of the Gressis family including the matriarch Asimina will be in town the week prior to the opening to help him train staff and complete the finishing touches.

For now, Sean, Maggie and a committed group of volunteers work hard every day to get ready. When things get hectic Sean steps back and remembers what his mentor, boss and friend Joe Gressis used to say, “don’t cry, celebrate”. Sadly, Joe who was so happy for Sean and had made the trip to Albion to look at locations passed away suddenly last year. “It broke my heart when he passed” he said, but I am determined to get this restaurant going.

Dining area

City Watch will follow up in the coming weeks and let you know when this new dining experience opens.

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